Education is the key to human and national development


Our History

Education is the key to human and national development. This is the beacon of light from the light house of inspiration in the distant horizon but this was thedrum beat out of the passion of the late Mayor Celso Sarenas, the father of the former Mayor of Pantukan JC Celso V. Sarenas, ME as he sought, deep in his heart, ways to respond to help the needy and deserving, under served and under-skilled youth in the Municipality. Sometime in the 80’s, there was an established community college which was known as Pantukan Community College, but it was deactivated because of the peace and order condition in the locality. In 1997, during the term of the late Mayor Jovito D. Derla, the Sangguniang Bayan of Pantukan has been granted by the Board of Regents through its request to the University of the Southcastern Philippines (USEP) an authority to open a college as an External Studies Program of the University of the Southeastern Philippines-Mabini Campus in addition to reviving the Pantukan Community College.

The Vision of Kolchiyo ng Pantukan which is fundamental motivation of the institution is:

An institution of holistic higher learning committed to provide knowledge, attitudes, values and skills essential to personal and professional development of graduates who are catalysts of progress to provide leadership in improving the quality of human life and to respond effectively to changing society for both local and global communities. The assurance to approximate this vision, the MISSION statement of Kolehiyo ng Pantukan thus articulated.

Kolehiyo ng Pantukan exist to develop highly competent professionals committed to the total development of morally responsible individuals for life adjustment and uplift the economically deprived but deserving students through industry oriented, quality instruction, research-based extension and value-based curricula in response to the needs to times. Operationalizing this Vision and Mission are the Goals.

Our Offered Program

Quality programs and courses. We offer strong and relevant programs with specializations that prepare you well in your chosen field.


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May 7, 2021

Teaching Profession in the eye of Pandemic: Transforming Risk to Renewal – PAFTE XI’s Drift

“Education in the midst of pandemic is possible”, a quote full of hope from the PAFTE Region XI’s President Dr. Jocelyn H. Hua as she warmly welcomed all participants in the 1st Virtual Regional Student Congress with the theme “Capacitating Future Teachers in the New Normal” held on March 19. With almost 1,500 future teacher participants […]

Why Choose Kolehiyo ng Pantukan?
June 26, 2020

Why choose to enroll in Kolehiyo ng Pantukan? Here are the some reasons…Enroll Now (incoming freshmen & transferees)–>

Virtual/Online Classes Etiquette
June 1, 2020

Hello KNPians! In everything we do whether in real or virtual, there must always be the do’s and don’ts in our actions that we should must observe. Please watch and share this video to inform ourselves on proper ways of attending a virtual/online classes. God bless us all

Online enrollment procedures for 1st semester, S.Y. 2020-2021 of incoming freshmen

Please keep updated for online enrollment procedures for 1st semester, S.Y. 2020-2021 of incoming freshmen.

Campus Protocols
May 18, 2020

To all old students who are enrolled and received approval online for summer class, you may claim your COR at the Registrar’s Office. Releasing of COR will be done by schedule. Hence, if you received claim notification you may report to the campus. Likewise COR can only be released if you are CLEARED with your […]

Passers of First and Second Batches of 2020
April 28, 2020

Congratutions to all the passers of First and Second Batches of 2020 Qualifying Examination for Free Education in Kolehiyo Ng Pantukan. For those takers not in the list, you may verify your examination result at the

Kolehiyo ng Pantukan ranked 34th among the top 70
April 23, 2020

Kolehiyo ng Pantukan ranked 34th among the top 70 best institutions in the whole Philippines to study Criminology.

Kolehiyo ng Pantukan Bridging Program
April 13, 2020

Kolehiyo ng Pantukan reminds everyone that Bridging Program is still accepting enrollees online. We have 32 students already enrolled and verified and we are still waiting for 13 additional students to be enrolled to complete the list

KNP Free Tertiary Education and Board Courses
April 7, 2020

Qualifying Examination for Free Tertiary Education and Board Courses starts today. Scheduled every saturday this month March 7, 14, 21 & 28. Please bring the following


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