May 4, 2020
11:27 am

History and Creation
Education is the key to human and national development. This is the beacon of light from the light house of inspiration in the distant horizon but this was the drum beat out of the passion of the late Mayor Celso Sarenas, the father of the former Mayor of Pantukan JC Celso V. Sarenas, ME as he sought, deep in his heart, ways to respond to help the needy and deserving, under served and under-skilled youth in the Municipality. Sometime in the 80’s, there was an established community college which was known as Pantukan Community College, but it was deactivated because of the peace and order condition in the locality. In 1997, during the term of the late Mayor Jovito D. Derla, the Sangguniang Bayan of Pantukan has been granted by the Board of Regents through its request to the University of the Southeastern Philippines (USEP) an authority to open a college as an External Studies Program of the University of the Southeastern Philippines-Mabini Campus in addition to reviving the Pantukan Community College.

During its first year of operation in 1997-1998, three academic courses were offered, namely: Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education major in Crop Science and Animal Science; Bachelor of Science in Agriculture major in Crop Science and Animal Science; Bachelor in Extension Education major in Home Technology. All classes were housed in Pantukan National High School since the donated site of about a hectare for External Studies Program was not yet entirely developed during that time. With this, the Sangguniang Bayan asked the generosity of the Sarenas family to donate another hectare for the school site which they responded favorably.

Throughout this time, the Administrative staff and faculty who were hired were mostly on a part-time status since income did not warrant the hiring of full-time faculty and staff. Some were from the LGU, from the Department of Education – High School, and from other government agencies and private companies. The First Commencement Exercises was held on March 2001 which was held in Pantukan National High School. At some stage in SY 2001-2002, all the External Studies Programs were evaluated by a Committee and came up with the recommendation that they were not qualified to offer four-year degree courses instead, they were restricted to offer a two-year program only for some reasons like: lack of facilities, qualification and status of the faculty, and low passing percentage of Students in the Licensure Examination for Teachers. From then on, the University of Southeastern Philippines – Mabini External Studies Program at Pantukan, Compostela Valley Province, offered only a two-year academic program in2002-2003.

More so, when the school site was carried out in 2003, Hon. Mayor JC Celso V. Sarenas, ME came in and took over the administration of the college. It was on Junc 2005, during his time, when all the facilities needed were set and hiring of full-time instructors followed. When classes were transferred at Don Juan Sarenas Campus, the External Studies Program had a better batch turn-out.

On its April 5, 2005 Commencement Excrcises, a total of 198 graduates were produced from the BSA, the BS Ag. Ed and BS Ext. Ed. programs. With the enormous desire to come up budget allocation intended for the school, the Local Government of Pantukan has been consistently providing enough appropriation from its General Fund for its maintenance and other operating expenses. From SY 1997-2005, the total budgetary allocation amounted to P 3,665,900.00. On top of that, the LGU has also provided an amount from its 20% Development Fund for infrastructure and other needs such as chairs, tables, and other development needs of the tertiary institution. In the 2006 Annual Budget, the Municipal Government has allocated P 300, 000.00 for the purchase of books and laboratory materials and apparatuses.

Since 1997, the USEP Don Juan Sarenas Campus has existed as an External Studies Program of USEP in Pantukan which is offering only one four-year degree program. Since no existing college in the locality offers a four-year degree program, the Municipality of Pantukan decided to set up a tertiary institution that will cater the needs and demands of the people. The institution shall also provide
opportunities to high school graduates to pursue college education with low and affordable tuition fees but quality education.
With the vision of Mayor JC Celso V. Sarenas, ME to establish a localĀ  college in Pantukan, gained positive endorsement. On May 18, 2009, Resolution No. 45, Series of2009 entitled “Resolution Enacting an Ordinance Establishing a College Institution in the Municipality of Pantukan, Province of Compostela Valley” was approved during the Special Session of the Sangguniang Bayan of Pantukan. Hence, Local College was established and named “Kolehiyo ng Pantukan”. Presented his plan to the Sangguniang Bayan that eventually The Governing Body of Kolehiyo ng Pantukan is vested in the Board of Trustees which is composed of the following: Local Chief Executive, College President, President of the Faculty Association, President of the Supreme Students Council or Government, President of the Alumni Association, Sangguniang Bayan Committee Chairman on Education, Association of Local Colleges and Universities (ALCU) Representative, Commission on Higher Education (CHED)Representative not lower than a Director and Accredited Business or Industry Sector. KNP from its humble beginnings, started operation in June 2011 through the concerted efforts, dedication and commitment of the people especially through the initiative and assistance of Madam Emerlita Y. Sarenas, the First Lady of Pantukan.

During its first year of operation there were four (4) courses offered with responding CHED Permits, to mention, Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics, Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Technology in Livelihood Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management; and Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business rent the first operation as a learning hub, enrollment has reached 154 from the die courses, with 6 full-time and eight (10) part-lime instructors to teach the subjects. To guarantee that the students will be given quality education majority of the hired faculty members have earned Master Degree and Doctorate Degree in their respective field of expertise. While the part time instructor are still continuing with their Master and Doctorate Degree. The first College Administrator then was Dr. Ionne A. Avelino and it was followed by Dr. Jocelyn Hijada-Hua as College Administrator on May 19, 2012. On July 2014, she was installed as the First College President of Kolehiyo ng Pantukan by the Municipal Mayor and Chairman of Board of Trustees-Hon. Roberto M. Yugo, MPA with Dr. Susan F. Labutap from the Commission of Higher Education. Because of the fast development the expansion of course offerings gave rise to the need for Tertiary Level.

Inevitably the school under a series and fast developments. In 2014, the school granted Government Recognition in all courses offered, and expanded its course offering thus BS Criminology was added under Government Permit to Operate. KNP continues to acquire the needed facilities and perk up the physical plant to ensure good quality learning outcome. Additional courses are designed to offer, so young men and women, who opt to study in KNP will have a wide array of choices so they won’t have to go to Davao City or neighboring cities to enroll courses they desire. With the entrance, of the new Mayor in 2013, Hon. Mayor Roberto M. Yugo, he took the Chairmanship of the Board of Trustees. He is supportive in all aspects of development of the school as required by the Commission on Higher Education. In his administration, KNP is on his way to greatness. Fast campus development, additional facilities and construction of buildings are seen. The enrolment has reached from 154 in the year 2011 to 858 students at present. All courses were ready given Government Recognition on November 10, 2014 and additional course was offered-the Bachelor of Science in Criminology which granted Government Permit to operate.

The Kolehiyo ng Pantukan is committed to support the Higher Education escape of the CHED Commissioner Dr. Patricia Licuanan, to deliver quality education and develop its human resources. The conduct of in-house seminars and deligs is geared towards faculty and staff development in order to improve the very of instruction to student-clients and stakeholders of the institution e dream of Mayor Roberto M. Yugo, with the hands-on support of the College President, Dr. Jocelyn H. Hua, teaching and non-teaching personnel, steered the operation of the institution to meet the challenges at greater heights with growth and success to make the Kolehiyo ng Pantukan more diverse from at inception. His dream is anchored on his faith in God with extreme commitment for the cause of education of his fellow Pantukenios. With his own passion dedication, and sense of purpose, he wants to make Kolehiyo ng Pannuk.an his greatest accolade to the populace of Pantukan. Kolehiyo ng Pantukan as living the creating its own abundance in faith, love and hope for these are considered vital for sustainable growth.