Campus Protocols

May 18, 2020
1:03 pm

To all old students who are enrolled and received approval online for summer class, you may claim your COR at the Registrar’s Office. Releasing of COR will be done by schedule. Hence, if you received claim notification you may report to the campus. Likewise COR can only be released if you are CLEARED with your CLEARANCE. You are advised to follow the campus protocols such as: wearing of masks, bringing alcohol, stepping at the foot bath at the gate and observing SOCIAL DISTANCING. Follow the guidelines.

Note: Those students whose age below 21,if your enrollment is approved and you are scheduled to claim your COR, your parents/guardian/authorize representative at legal age will be the one to claim and work out the clearance. Classes will be blended teaching.

(Schedules are posted in your respective department group chats, please contact your program head to keep updated.)

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