The Vision of Kolchiyo ng Pantukan which is fundamental motivation of the institution is:

An institution of holistic higher learning committed to provide knowledge, attitudes, values and skills essential to personal and professional development of graduates who are catalysts of progress to provide leadership in improving the quality of human life and to respond effectively to changing society for both local and global communities. The assurance to approximate this vision, the MISSION statement of Kolehiyo ng Pantukan thus articulated.


Kolehiyo ng Pantukan exist to develop highly competent professionals committed to the total development of morally responsible individuals for life adjustment and uplift the economically deprived but deserving students through industry oriented, quality instruction, research-based extension and value-based curricula in response to the needs to times. Operationalizing this Vision and Mission are the Goals.


Leading in the transformation of students in their total human development;

Advancing of human knowledge through basic study and research;

Building a diligent workforce who shall serve with dedication and commitment in the different fields of human endeavor;

 Providing programs of instruction and professional training in the fields agricultural business, education, business administration, tourism management and criminology;

 Establishing functional linkages with the government and non-government agencies and the areas of instruction, research, extension and production;

 Introducing and providing the curricula of studies/programs which are receiving emphasis in the curricula of the higher education institution; and

 Providing scholarships, assistantship and part-time jobs to poor but deserving students.