KNP joins Tambayayong Hub Network TapokCHI

May 17, 2021
5:27 am

by: Dejemark Serrera Campoamor

Through virtual sessions, Kolehiyo ng Pantukan has made its participation possible to Tambayayong Hub Network Tapok Culture, Heritage, and Identity Program (THN TapokCHI) at Philippine Women’s College since December 14, 2020. The said program intends to capacitate institution to create and organize creative hubs that will highlight indigenous industries of respective local creative community.

The training program is set to last until May 28 this year from which KNP participants are expected to design a sustainable hub that will generate income and employment for their represented indigenous people within their localities at the end of the training. The construction of creative hub is part of KNP’s Community and Extension program to improve the lives of cultural minority while preserving their culture.

Among the KNP faculty  participants of the long-running capacitating program are Dr. Jandy T. Bongcayat (Team Leader), Ezzedin M. Manidoc LPT (Cultural Information Officer), Irene Ganap-Diores, MAHEED (Budget Officer), Sanny M. Daraman, MAHEED (Execution/Operations Officer), and Dejemark Serrera Campoamor, LPT (Communications Officer).

“This is a step we have to take to redeem the relic that has been fading in this municipality – the cultural victuals” highlighted Dr. Jandy Bongcayat during the virtual sharing of hub-building motivations.

KNP Tambayayong Hub Team aims to present Pantukan’s ancient cultural victuals and make it available to market. Nevertheless, KNP sets to conduct community-sustainability workshops for those who would like to learn how to prepare Pantukan’s various cultural foods and make profit out of it.

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