College of Entrepreneurship

March 8, 2020
2:57 am

Program Objectives

Entrepreneurship is a process through which individuals and groups pursue opportunity, leverage resources, and initiate change to create value. Thus, an entrepreneur is one who creates value by managing change, identifying and pursuing opportunities, acting with passion and purpose, living proactively, and organizing and leveraging resources.


The Objectives of the Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship are:

  • To acquire and enhance entrepreneurial quality, motivating students for achievement and enabling them to become successful and competitive businessmen;


  • To equip trainees in emerging into the business world highly competent to start their own enterprise after the completion of the program; and


  • Enable students to develop the ability of identifying and creating entrepreneurial opportunities, filling gaps in the market and precipitating economic growth through applying existing technologies, invention and/or exploitation of entirely new ideas, products and services.